Client Services

Turnarounds and crises are always difficult. Frequently systems are broken or non-existent, some people are angry, providers are screaming, owners are frustrated. These situations require immediate and definitive action both for staff and for management. We evaluate the situation and stop the downward spiral. We direct the momentum toward a successful outcome, and get quick, measurable results, which impacts the bottom line.

We have developed a team and approach to deliver quick results. We believe that culture and philosophy are an integral part of business success and go to great lengths to evaluate these pieces of the business “puzzle.” Bringing value to our clients is what our clients deserve not just information. We strive to exceed expectations by providing services that change their business model. (To achieve permanent sustainable results that will not unravel once we are off site.) These are the kind of results clients can build upon with focus on growth, leadership, strategy and quantifiable results.

Operations Management: Operations Management helps deal with the design and management of products, processes, and services.

Compensation negotiations: We have extensive experience in negotiating compensation packages from both the employer and employee side.

Anger Management: We offer anger management training and social skills work to our clients in a group or individual setting.

Pre-hiring evaluations, key employee screening, and staff psychological testing: Screening potential employees is a process that identifies the key attitudes, interpersonal skills, and competencies needed to perform effectively in a targeted position and matching a final candidate who has those qualities. We have conducted pre-hire assessments for private companies, non-profits, professional practices, the U.S. Department of Justice (Drug Enforcement Administration), the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (Federal Air Marshals Service), and the U.S. Department of Defense.

Family Business Review: We are uniquely qualified to work with your family business not only from the business operations perspective, but from the communication and family interaction aspect as well.

Revenue cycle evaluation and management: Today, most businesses, hospitals and other providers are challenged by ever-increasing operating costs, decreasing reimbursements, denials, and uncollected revenues. Most are caused due to inefficiencies in revenue cycle processes and misalignment of technology, process workflow design and experienced personnel. CBA uses a comprehensive process which evaluates, improves, and creates a simplified, integrated workflow. We also combine this with employee retention, payroll oversight or outsourcing, human resource planning, employee training and appropriate cost control measures.

Business valuations and turnarounds: We can evaluate your current operation and provide effective solutions to increase the value of your business entity.

Value Added Relationships: CBA brings valued added relationships to the relationship expertise in areas such as insurance reviews and contracting, real estate leasing and acquisition, Information technologies, website design, marketing, branding and event planning.