All of our team members have held C-level positions in their respective industries. They have also started and managed their own businesses.

Our clinical and business experience gives us an unmistakable edge in analyzing and correcting the issues holding you back from being successful.

Jeffrey W. Newman

Colorado Business Associates - Jeffrey W. NewmanCurrently managing partner of Colorado Business Associates Mr. Newman has over 29 years in clinical physical therapy and operational business functions both inside and outside medicine. Tasked to administrate and run teams for multi-billion dollar companies, he has proven successful in areas of revenue cycle revisions, operational management, business transitions, and multi-million dollar turnarounds. He brings his years of experience to bear on his projects, with a quick eye for financial and operational savings, as well as the ability to problem solve and create additional revenues wherever possible. He has held numerous C-level positions in not-for profit and for-profit companies and been recruited to create and manage the turnaround process in companies from 1M to 33M dollars.

Barry Norman Ph.D.

Colorado Business Associates - Wm. Barry Norman, Ph.D.Wm. Barry Norman, Ph.D. has worked in the field of human behavior and management consultation for over 30 years. His doctorate in Psychology from Texas Tech University has provided a strong research and clinical base, enabling Dr Norman to provide a variety of analytically focused consultation services with expertise in operation improvement, feasibility studies, special investigations, revenue enhancement, and strategic planning. Dr. Norman has contributed to nine publications in the area of human behavior and has over 30 professional papers and invited presentations.